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Snippets of My Week #12

So many little spaces are opened to the public and perfect for quiet moments outside even when you are stuck in the middle of the city. The lunch hour crowd brings out many people seeking the sun as well. I started talking with a gal on the next bench because of her casually coordinated purple accented outfit and interesting Osborn craft footwear. I like what she does, “curatorial assistant.” That totally rocks. In my next life I would love to closely study and work with art and museums. Speaking of museums, if you are in the Bay Area, please visit the De Young Museum’s Botticelli to Braque exhibit going on through the end of May. A great variety of masters are included in the presentation on tour from The National Galleries of Scotland. I like the look of art lovers enjoying the pieces. This is one of those rare cases when having someone in my shot is the very thing that makes the shot. This visit was after our early morning participation at Golden Gate Park for a walk/ run by O2 …

The Swag Hag

Featured photo taken by Kelly Popejoy;  loot thanks to Alt Summit I appreciate a great give away bag.  The first one I remember getting that wasn’t the result of being the token little sister in Big Sis’s social scene, is  the one I received as an invited guest at the sixth birthday party of Dr. Crybaby (she was a smart kid who cried a lot – you get the reference).  A white waxed paper bag with a clown print about the size of an iPhone 5, it lay there, on the left hand of my place setting next to the party blower just waiting to be torn into.  The amount of self-control we all had back then is remarkable.  Like the unspoken rituals practiced over dinner in Downtown Abbey, none of the kids in my first grade class picked up the treat bag nor dared take out a single item.  We all knew the goody bag was for the end of the party and we had plenty to entertain ourselves until then – authentically NY/NJ style greasy pizza, Neapolitan Shop Rite …

Lately … 11.19.14

Lately I’ve been … Looking into this {Ambiance Pocket Mirror} Writing to friends in these {Little Arrow Cards} Thinking about when and where to wear these {Freshwater Pearls} Having one too many of those {My Dad’s Cookies Gluten Free} And not enough bites of that {Organic Pink Lady Apple} Reading a number of those {Remedy Quarterly} Admiring this {Spoke Art Gallery }  Mendl’s window display by artists, Jill Bencsits and Dominic Guidote What have you been up to lately? All photos taken by bp

Lately … 10.28.14

Lately I’ve been … Sporting that print (vintage Christian Dior from mom)  Knocking around in these brown boots (Rag & Bone Classic Newbury)  Spending time in this home (family comes first)  Looking up at that sky (fall scenery care of New England by way of Mother Nature)  Living out of this bag (Longchamps Le Pliage)  Coveting that hair (girl I met while shopping)  Lately my blog has been quiet, but it is only signalling that I, along with the seasons, have been needing a shift.  Noticing the beauty in the leaves I have to shed is a practice in patience, gratefulness, and humility.   I have always been a fan of fall.  Aren’t you? 

Lately … 10.07.14

Lately I’ve been …        Having days like this {Treats}         … Followed by nights like that  {Gin}           Cozying up in these {Socks}           Ordering more books by him {Todd Parr}            Managing neck and shoulder pain with those {Patch; Roller}           Smelling fresh and clean with this {Baby Cologne}                All photos by bp.                        

Lately … 09.30.14

  Lately I’ve been …         Loyally scrubbing (12 years running) with this {Daily Microfoliant} Newly devoted to that {Neck Cream} Freshening up with these {Face & Hand Cleansing Wipes} Comparing those {3LAB Cleansing Foam} { Fresh Face Cleanser}   Neglecting to easily line my eyes with this {Pencil} Itching to soothe with that {calming serum}               All photos by bp      

Lately … 09.23.14

Lately I’ve been … Deciding which fall recipes to stew in this {Le Creuset Oval French Oven} Nesting these {matryoshka dolls}  Breaking it down with him {Cool Michael} Burning that {Jonathan Adler  Candle} Smiling at this {Nourishing Notes Capsule}   Preventing Husband from damaging his teeth on that {Jaw Breaker}  All photos taken by bp

Lately … 09.16.14

    Lately I’ve been … Listening and talking through these {Happy Plugs} Writing with this {Pilot pen} Running low on that {Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment}     Sending out these {crafted letter pressed cards} Snacking on those {Lemongrass Toffee Almonds}  {Nestle Butterfinger}   Wanting to be twisted like this {hairstyle}   Hairstyle photo credit: whatthechung All other photos taken by bp