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Lately … 09.15.2015

Lately I’ve been having lots of random thoughts that are good fodder for posts. In turn I have ended up only building my drafts folder with single lined entries, but can my excuse this time be that it’s been my birthday week – come on, the best ones are always celebrated over several days – so there’s no chance I could’ve sat down long enough to develop anything substantial?  Your ongoing forbearance, dear reader, can be your gift to me. Lately … I have been thinking: On getting anything done: I’m not overwhelmed, I’m just underfocused. On drawing, fiddling with a piano tune, etc etc: I’m not as bad as I thought, just not as wonderful as I’d wished. On kids: I’m having a love-hate relationship with kids lately. I adore them, from a distance. Someone told me it may be a coping mechanism… Either that or I’m just a b*+€h. On making green smoothies: By now you’d think I’ve got these down to a science. Makes sense because lately they taste like a laboratory experiment. On …

Lately … 11.19.14

Lately I’ve been … Looking into this {Ambiance Pocket Mirror} Writing to friends in these {Little Arrow Cards} Thinking about when and where to wear these {Freshwater Pearls} Having one too many of those {My Dad’s Cookies Gluten Free} And not enough bites of that {Organic Pink Lady Apple} Reading a number of those {Remedy Quarterly} Admiring this {Spoke Art Gallery }  Mendl’s window display by artists, Jill Bencsits and Dominic Guidote What have you been up to lately? All photos taken by bp

Lately … 10.28.14

Lately I’ve been … Sporting that print (vintage Christian Dior from mom)  Knocking around in these brown boots (Rag & Bone Classic Newbury)  Spending time in this home (family comes first)  Looking up at that sky (fall scenery care of New England by way of Mother Nature)  Living out of this bag (Longchamps Le Pliage)  Coveting that hair (girl I met while shopping)  Lately my blog has been quiet, but it is only signalling that I, along with the seasons, have been needing a shift.  Noticing the beauty in the leaves I have to shed is a practice in patience, gratefulness, and humility.   I have always been a fan of fall.  Aren’t you? 

Lately … 10.07.14

Lately I’ve been …        Having days like this {Treats}         … Followed by nights like that  {Gin}           Cozying up in these {Socks}           Ordering more books by him {Todd Parr}            Managing neck and shoulder pain with those {Patch; Roller}           Smelling fresh and clean with this {Baby Cologne}                All photos by bp.                        

Lately … 09.30.14

  Lately I’ve been …         Loyally scrubbing (12 years running) with this {Daily Microfoliant} Newly devoted to that {Neck Cream} Freshening up with these {Face & Hand Cleansing Wipes} Comparing those {3LAB Cleansing Foam} { Fresh Face Cleanser}   Neglecting to easily line my eyes with this {Pencil} Itching to soothe with that {calming serum}               All photos by bp      

Lately … 09.23.14

Lately I’ve been … Deciding which fall recipes to stew in this {Le Creuset Oval French Oven} Nesting these {matryoshka dolls}  Breaking it down with him {Cool Michael} Burning that {Jonathan Adler  Candle} Smiling at this {Nourishing Notes Capsule}   Preventing Husband from damaging his teeth on that {Jaw Breaker}  All photos taken by bp

Lately … 09.16.14

    Lately I’ve been … Listening and talking through these {Happy Plugs} Writing with this {Pilot pen} Running low on that {Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment}     Sending out these {crafted letter pressed cards} Snacking on those {Lemongrass Toffee Almonds}  {Nestle Butterfinger}   Wanting to be twisted like this {hairstyle}   Hairstyle photo credit: whatthechung All other photos taken by bp