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TV Is My Friend:  I’d Hoped She Could Be Too

Welcome to my 555 series! Please read the introduction to this project {here}.  Wk 3 Post 4  Me:  “I have a running DVR recording for Will & Grace. It’s my sanity at the end of the day, like a background radio show I play while cooking. What shows do you love?”  Her:  “Oh I don’t watch sitcoms, I’m not into sitcoms.” *cue the sound of a needle dragging across a vinyl record.     

Smells Like A Teenager’s Spirit 

Welcome to my 5 5 5 series. The objective of this exercise is to write five lines five times a week for five weeks, to get me back into a regular post writing habit.  Read my introduction here. Wk 2 Post 5 He will text things out of the blue saying, “Hello you,” or asking, “What are you doing?” I know how friends check in on each other, and that’s okay, expected even with our friends. But he & I are not ‘friends’, we are  amicable acquaintances. Something about his check-ins seem flirtatious. It was kind of charming when we were sixteen, but now that we’re forty, he’s just a creepy old guy.

You Win Some You Lose Some

Welcome to my 5 5 5 series. The objective of this exercise is to write five lines five times a week for five weeks, to get me back into a regular post writing habit.  Habits don’t create themselves, after all. The parameters of frequency & amount of sentences/ lines will remain throughout this series, while the topics and format can be varied. Read my introduction here while all of the series entries so far are tagged: Five Five Five.  Wk 2 Post 1 Early this morning after barre class, a gym buddy and I ended up spending an extra hour in the studio having one of those  unexpectedly great conversations that can happen between two semi-strangers. She just went from gym buddy to regular buddy. Late this afternoon I didn’t bother looking in the mirror before leaving for the post office. En route home I saw my reflection in a shop window. I should have bothered.

Captain America To The Rescue 

Wk 1 Post 4 I was sobbing, just sobbing, on the couch all afternoon. Captain America called me after my hopeless sad gal text and said, “You’re going to freshen up, get dressed, and go outside for a walk while I stay on the phone with you,” which she did, for two hours as I navigated the sidewalks downtown teary eyed but soon laughing with her in my ear. Many years before this, after camping with literally a million people to hear public mass with Pope John Paul ii, I struggled in the following day’s heat to trek towards our return shuttle with my backpack. Captain America grabbed it from me and carried it in addition to all of her gear while leading our group in her encouraging tone, “C’mon, let’s go, you can do it.”  We all need superheroes. Welcome to my 5, 5, 5 series.  The objective of this exercise is to write five lines five times a week for five weeks about anything. Habits don’t create themselves, after all. The frequency & …

Love Where You Live

At the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Yamhill River in the Willamette Valley, sits the historic town of McMinnville, Oregon.  Fresh off of a full day exploring Portland following The Hello Sessions the night before, at least a dozen of my friends and I headed 40 miles southwest for the ‘Love Where You Live’ wine country dinner. Co-hosted by the gracious Chelsey Nichol of Type A Press and my savvy friend, Maggie Battista, of Eat Boutique, guests were served passed hors devours, cocktails, and a 5-course family style meal prepared by Let Um Eat Collective inspired by Maggie’s new cookbook, Food Gift Love. Chelsey’s fourth generation family-owned printing warehouse, which houses her antique letterpress, and the studios of painter, Zach Hixson and sign painter, Mitch Horning, served as the venue. Until you make it up to Oregon for your next weekend getaway, and I strongly suggest you do, here is a taste of McMinnville for you to enjoy at home. “Newby’s Ransom Punch”, named for the founder of McMinnville, William T. Newby, and the locally produced Ransom Spirits, was …

Today is Her Birthday

Welcome to my 5, 5, 5 series. The objective of this exercise is to write five lines five times a week for five weeks about anything at all.  Habits don’t create themselves, after all. The frequency & length remains from post to post, but the topics will be varied. Read my introduction here.  Wk 1 Post 2 I was in sheer disbelief when I found out she was gone. When someone you love decides to privately fight an illness for several months & die in absolute secrecy you feel confused. You scramble trying to heal and to piece things together, seeking company to share in the devastation you feel. I remember her dry wit, her Strawberry Shortcake bedspread & our hand written letters when she moved away after college. It’s one thing when your friend is far away, but it’s quite another when she is gone.  

Gira Polli Kind of Date

Confiding in a comrade who can tap into your mind with honesty, acceptance and humor is one of life’s true gifts. The rain came down so hard that afternoon I nearly reconsidered the trek from the city across the bridge. Dramanut and I were long overdue for a face to face, so I reminded myself though life is long, opportunities may be fleeting. Lunch in Marin was a small price to pay for a day with this date. We settled in at the cozy restaurant smelling of herbs and sauteed vegetables after the hugs and cheerful, “How are you’s?” and “So good to see you’s”. She’s the kind of girl who sets an alarm on her phone so there is no need to do a time check between hello and goodbye. Talks with girlfriends who are everyday counterparts to your therapist require a restaurant that is quiet but not too quiet, because even when nobody knows you, one must be mindful of the secrets she spills, whether silly or scintillating.  A casual comment here, followed by a curious question there, a keen observation afterwards, a gasp, a giggle, then a …

In Love with Letters

Last month I wrote about waking up with a case of the fuglies, which I define as an emotional and mental state that gets me ‘feeling ugly’ inside and out. Knowing some time and self deprecation needed to transpire before the effects of being hit by the {Fugly Stick} would wear off, I threw a few things in my bag that morning to help me shake it off when I was ready. Before heading out the door I found a piece of heartfelt happy mail from a blog buddy across the country that got lost in our junk mail pile.  It was a well timed note with a tiny string of crocheted hearts so sweet that I had to smile and pack it up with my books and two other caring cards I’d received and kept close at hand at that time. I am big on catch up texting, maintaining a group Viber chat with girlfriends abroad, and a nice meaty email thrown in for good measure, but I do have a special love for hand written correspondence. I am in love with letters. There is nothing as …

Wiggle Room

Cell action Photo c/o Simone Anne Lang Me:  Any chance you’re free that night? Her:  I work those nights … Me:  …it just means we’ll have to make plans for another time … Her:  … but I was going to ask if you are free at all tomorrow? Me:  (thinking) yes I am … around 3 or 3:30? Her: We can go here so you can finally meet him.  I’m excited! Me:  SURE!!!! (emoji of two girls dancing) Her:  … is there an upper limit to your free time tomorrow?  Maybe 5 or 5:30 so she can join?  That would make my week!!! Me:  (looking at schedule) Will do Barre at 1pm then.  5:30 it is! Her:  She’s in!  6:30? Me:  (postponing something else) Schweet Her:  These plans sure changed fast haha!  That work? Me:  YES! Her:  Yay!  So happy this all fell into place! Me:  When it’s important and there is a little wiggle room time wise, we make it work. (smiley face with kiss)  See ya! This is an actual text message exchange …

Birthday Babe

Having a ‘milestone’ birthday was not what had been preoccupying my mind.  It was deciding how to celebrate that nagged at me.    For at least one year I had been listening to people ask, What’s your celebration going to be for the big four-oh?  Are you traveling?  Where will you go?    Are you having a party?  You must have a party!  Have a girls’ weekend!  Plan a group trip out of town!  Yes, let’s do that!   It’s one thing to embrace an idea and it is another to commit to an event. There are schedules, spouses, children, preferences, group dynamics, and budgets to consider.   In my mind, nobody but the celebrant is ever truly responsible for organizing her party and as enthusiastic as people were to get on board with anything I could have wanted:  Camping Extravaganza, Beach Retreat, Coastal Getaway, European Sojourn, Asian Adventure, Epic Picnic, Dive Bar Disco you name it –  I do not have the mental nor emotional bandwidth to execute an important plan like that the way …