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Snippets of My Week – Three Things

aka,  Three Things You Should Do Too Because I Just Did Them and Would Do Again 1.  Go to the #goopMRKT pop up on 140 Maiden Lane in San Francisco before it closes on Sunday, May 22. Admire how Team Goop & designer Steven designed the interior of the historic Frank Llyod Wright building. The entire set up is what I’d hoped the Goop experience would be: tightly curated items,  stylized merchandising, and a feel good forcefield strong enough to eradicate any second thoughts about plunking down mucho dinero on personalized cookbooks, organic blush, plant scented body oil, and vegetable dye based lip stuff.     The force is so strong that you go back the next day with your friend to purchase a few pieces of athleisure attire, rationalizing your money is better spent here than at Lululemon, where you don’t go anymore anyway. You’re a practical gal, shopping for your gear at Athleta & GapFit with your Gap Visa rewards points – which you’ve earned a lot more of after hitting #goopMRKT two days in …

Sometimes It’s Obvious

Sometimes the devil comes in obvious forms. He’s not sly about his intentions. He wants to lower you in. He wants to bring you to the dark side. He wants to fuck. you. up.      Served strategically on the side of my soup in all of his pillowy comfort and savory fragrance, this basil, pepper, & feta beauty hanging out as a sidekick to my bowl of soup taunted me.  I normally forgo standard baked goods, but this devil had every intention of being torn apart. He was not going to be ignored.  What can I say? He asked for it. It was obvious.    


Welcome to my 555 series! Please read the introduction to this project {here}.  Wk 4 Post 1  Halfway through my day and it’s 12:20pm.   Breakfast was a hearty one of oatmeal, berries with almond nut butter and a half cup of a green smoothie. I spent some time preparing my wardrobe for our upcoming trip to Europe.  I am in the middle of developing some drafts, wrote letters, wrapped a gift, read through a magazine, and will exercise in a few minutes for half an hour. For midday, I’d say so far, so good.    

TV Is My Friend:  I’d Hoped She Could Be Too

Welcome to my 555 series! Please read the introduction to this project {here}.  Wk 3 Post 4  Me:  “I have a running DVR recording for Will & Grace. It’s my sanity at the end of the day, like a background radio show I play while cooking. What shows do you love?”  Her:  “Oh I don’t watch sitcoms, I’m not into sitcoms.” *cue the sound of a needle dragging across a vinyl record.     

Hate To Love It 

Welcome to my 555 series! Please read the introduction to this project {here}.  Wk 3 Post 3 Ugh, eff you, ZARA, and your affordably delicious fall/winter ’15 fashions. Stop it with your focused variety of designs and on-trend surprises!  How dare you have exactly what we want at prices we can handle.  Obviously I only noticed that jacket with the assymetrical zipper, those boots with the gold flat heel, and another pair of patterned pants on my way out when I was already done this evening and will now HAVE to come back tomorrow morning because I already know I won’t be able to sleep tonight for not trying them on. Ugh,  eff you, ZARA,  … eff you.    

What Stephen Said

Welcome to my 5 5 5 series.  Read my project introduction here. Wk 3 Post 2  Because at this point in life, the quote below is something most of us can relate to, either about another bird, or about ourselves.   “Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”  -Stephen King    

Filling The Well

I have been keeping my eyes opened for well filling opportunities. Working on the blog goes beyond writing a post and putting it out.  It is about exploring ideas, editing, and  ‘filling the well’.  Deliberate threads weave through well fillers, those common threads being anything that will help inform and influence the way I manage my energy, time, and define my intention. A stack of required reading migrates to my bag, the coffee table, the dining table, the sofa, lobbies and to restaurants.  I do not often read one book straight through. Typically, I alternate between two at a time, and though one may not recommend reading that way, it works A-Okay for me. Imagine just having one extended class for an entire week, with no other subjects at hand –  it’s hard to stay engaged. Or one can also imagine having unconfirmed ADD, and that would explain this too (and so many other things about me….) That is how I feel about my relationship with books. Being immersed in one subject only would drive me to tears. Since these books are …

The Swag Hag

Featured photo taken by Kelly Popejoy;  loot thanks to Alt Summit I appreciate a great give away bag.  The first one I remember getting that wasn’t the result of being the token little sister in Big Sis’s social scene, is  the one I received as an invited guest at the sixth birthday party of Dr. Crybaby (she was a smart kid who cried a lot – you get the reference).  A white waxed paper bag with a clown print about the size of an iPhone 5, it lay there, on the left hand of my place setting next to the party blower just waiting to be torn into.  The amount of self-control we all had back then is remarkable.  Like the unspoken rituals practiced over dinner in Downtown Abbey, none of the kids in my first grade class picked up the treat bag nor dared take out a single item.  We all knew the goody bag was for the end of the party and we had plenty to entertain ourselves until then – authentically NY/NJ style greasy pizza, Neapolitan Shop Rite …

Big Love for this Little List

I am in love with love!  All day Saturday my Instagram feed was flooded with a variety of perfect pictures deserving to be shared.  If we were sitting on the same sofa I would have been waving my iPhone in your face all day saying “Look at this!!!  So ____ *funny, sweet, clever –  fill in the blank*!”     Do you have any pictures you would’ve shown me if you could? Any Instagram profiles you think I might like?  Oh, and if you’re interested in my everyday story telling beyond this blog, please find me on Instagram @blogger_bp.   Consider these pictures my belated Valentine to you, social media style.  xoxo – bobbie   K i d   L o v e @moma_blog @lovelyindeed   F l o w e r   P o w e r @littlebigbell @jonathanadler @garancedore W h a t   A   G i r l   W a n t s   …  W h a t   A   G i r l   N e e …

Snippets of My Week #10

    Voices.  I hear voices now and then. Typically my own thoughts,  often my intuition speaking to me, but primarily it’s my stomach  taking over the loud speaker.    Case in point, a voice said last week, “It’s okay to miss Barre Mix in favor of pancake mix.”  Pancakes get lonely with only a pour of maple syrup.  Bacon, as we all know, is always a good idea.  It’s convenient to toss it into the oven  (400 degrees for 15 minutes) while brushing my teeth and washing up in the morning.     This was not the first instance of bacon trumping barre but I don’t use that excuse too often.  Just the other night the voice of my physical therapist played in my head as I ran to evening class in the pouring rain, “Unless you have a fever, you need to work out.”   Maybe she knows I need to off set all of the bacon.       My morning kitchen counter condition +++ The color gray has been speaking to me in a …