Hitting the pavement in San Francisco. I walk everywhere. Photo c/o Kelly Popejoy

I’d like to say I am a writer.  I guess that is what I am.  I’ve written in notebooks my whole life and have directed quirky skits & dramedies in my head when words cannot articulate what I think.   I am a person who has easy conversations with the introspective wallflower hiding in the corner as much as with the gregarious butterfly surrounded by friends.  I like to sit and watch.  I like to  see life happening around me.  Everything makes me think of something, and those somethings are put into my pocket or filed in my head for a musing at another time.  I never know what I will write about, and that is part of the adventure.

I am a teacher, an art lover, a letter writer, a shop girl,  a camp counselor, a home cook, a game night hostess, a chronic over analyzer, an experience sharer, a landline talker, a sunscreen applier, and a hand holder.  I am also a big laugher, but I am a bigger crier.  Up until recently, I was a semi anonymous blogger.

“I am every girl. I find something to admire, to cherish, and to hope for the girl in every woman. I am a big cheerleader for those who live joyfully, a supporter of those who seek change, and a fan of those who live each day with intent, thought, and heart. To be a person living meaningfully is what I try to do every day, even in the most mundane situations. The goal now is to lessen situations that are so mundane.”

Thanks for coming to my little spot on the web.  I think we’re going to have a pretty good time.


B & W Photos c/o Mitzi Mapa


email me:   evenifbobbie@gmail.com

handwritten correspondence &  happy mail:  P.O. Box 640735 , San Francisco, California 94164


  1. Ros says

    Aw, BP! I am so proud of you for this amazing step that you’ve taken! I love reading your writing and the interesting reflections that you take in life. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Hi there, Ros! It is gratifying that you are entertained reading my writing. Thank you for your support & sweet message. Make yourself at home!

    • Cyndie, thank you for visiting and for this encouraging sentiment. It means so much coming from you! I will keep going!

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