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Snippets of My Week – Three Things

aka,  Three Things You Should Do Too Because I Just Did Them and Would Do Again

1.  Go to the #goopMRKT pop up on 140 Maiden Lane in San Francisco before it closes on Sunday, May 22.

interior shot of the Frank Llyod Wright building

Admire how Team Goop & designer Steven designed the interior of the historic Frank Llyod Wright building. The entire set up is what I’d hoped the Goop experience would be: tightly curated items,  stylized merchandising, and a feel good forcefield strong enough to eradicate any second thoughts about plunking down mucho dinero on personalized cookbooks, organic blush, plant scented body oil, and vegetable dye based lip stuff.


More on what we talked about & why she’s smirking in a later post.


The force is so strong that you go back the next day with your friend to purchase a few pieces of athleisure attire, rationalizing your money is better spent here than at Lululemon, where you don’t go anymore anyway. You’re a practical gal, shopping for your gear at Athleta & GapFit with your Gap Visa rewards points – which you’ve earned a lot more of after hitting #goopMRKT two days in a row. Win-win.

2.  Buy your tickets to the SFMoma on line NOW!  Officially re-opening on Saturday, May 14, after a three year renovation the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art feels brand new with seven levels of fine art and three outdoor sculpture areas.

The space feels bigger and brighter, but is too much goodness to absorb in one afternoon. Membership is definitely worth it especially if you live or work downtown, so you can go as often as you like. I’m already set to go back today and tomorrow.

I particularly liked the gallery, Typeface to Interface, showcasing brochures and posters by the likes of graphic artists like Massimo Vignelli, and I love EVERYTHING on the fifth floor. Just go get your tickets already and maybe I will see you there!

3.  Look closely at this aerial view.
AERIAL by Lisa Anderson Shaffer on display through Tuesday, May 31 at Rare Device, 600 Divisadero Street, is the artist’s rendering of the West Marin coastline in knotted form as seen from above.

I first met Lisa about three years ago after purchasing an embroidered Zelma Rose zodiac necklace that I still wear today. Her latest collection of woven neckpieces are stunning, a result of her intelligent design and skill at handcrafted details. Come to her show and pick up a woven necklace of 100% cotton cord at Rare Device to see up close just why Lisa’s work has made her a finalist more than once at the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. I am eyeing something grey, though I may live it up and go for the pink this season… We shall see.

Do one, two, or three things suggested here! But if all else fails, and your day, much less your week, leaves no room for another activity, you can always follow greeting card wisdom:

  1. Get Up
  2. Be Amazing
  3. Go Back to Bed



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