Month: December 2014

Snippets of My Week #11

The holidays have been leaving me a buzz with good cheer though sadly under the weather.  It’s tough when you have many things you’d like to do, but not enough energy to do them. I need to reserve my energy for the weeks ahead of me. I am leaving for vacation, but not before being served a good helping of Christmas spirit in San Francisco. May you have a Happy Holiday, dear friends! Remember to spread cheer far and wide, and you’ll be rewarded tenfold.  See you in 2015!

Not in Sweatpants

Photo source: The Daily Mail Two months ago, my neck froze up, my traps were knotted tightly, my right shoulder would not rotate, and my wrists and hands burned from carpal tunnel tightness.  Daily indulgences in very refined gluten and dairy free versions of bread, chips, and muffins with small cartons of coconut ice cream on the side plus  a dip or two into a very verboten take out box of carne asada fries later, I woke up one morning completely in pain, sick to my stomach and knowing (in a very Gwyneth way – natch) that my body was saying, “This has to stop. Clean it up or keep getting kicked in the ass by your own ass.” A series of physical therapy appointments alternating with acupuncture, modified yoga and barre mix classes, a new prescription vitamin supplement and two sessions with my beloved cognitive behavioral therapist later,  I am on the mend. Feeling less than normal, it would be very easy to start schlepping around town the way subjects in PEOPLE Magazine do at the gas station and in …

Wiggle Room

Cell action Photo c/o Simone Anne Lang Me:  Any chance you’re free that night? Her:  I work those nights … Me:  …it just means we’ll have to make plans for another time … Her:  … but I was going to ask if you are free at all tomorrow? Me:  (thinking) yes I am … around 3 or 3:30? Her: We can go here so you can finally meet him.  I’m excited! Me:  SURE!!!! (emoji of two girls dancing) Her:  … is there an upper limit to your free time tomorrow?  Maybe 5 or 5:30 so she can join?  That would make my week!!! Me:  (looking at schedule) Will do Barre at 1pm then.  5:30 it is! Her:  She’s in!  6:30? Me:  (postponing something else) Schweet Her:  These plans sure changed fast haha!  That work? Me:  YES! Her:  Yay!  So happy this all fell into place! Me:  When it’s important and there is a little wiggle room time wise, we make it work. (smiley face with kiss)  See ya! This is an actual text message exchange …