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My Favorite Kind of Date

Quite possibly the best moments I have had getting to know another person are the times we’ve spent while walking and talking.  Of all the memories I have with friends, my husband, and the boys I used to know, the ones while talking on a walk are by far some of the sweetest ones.
The walking date is underrated.  There’s never a preplanned topic of conversation when you find yourself on foot, and I find that the words exchanged from points A to B are often the most candid and heartfelt.  With every step, my theory is, the soul opens up allowing us to become more confident sharers and willing listeners.  Good weather or starry nights help kick up the romance factor too.   There is nothing to get in the way of a conversation walking side by side, except for his hand on the small of your back to guide you or an unintentional brush up against the arm, but that’s not really a bad thing, is it?   The walking date is all so innocent, so promising, and not too many embarrassing after effects.
It may be the romance I have for Woody Allen movies, all of that talking and walking, especially Isaac and Mary’s midnight dog walk accompanied by the sounds of George Gershwin in Manhattan.    And though it ended with that sad post-it, didn’t you feel Carrie’s butterflies when she first met Berger and they walked through the city en route to his dry cleaner?  The “Before Series” undoubtedly brought the walk and talk to a whole new level…  who didn’t dream of the same kind of European rendezvous fresh out of college?  And then again as an uncertain and burdened adult?  And now as …. an older adult trying to feel things out again with your long time partner (or a new love)?

Do you have memories of your own great date walks?  Are there fictional ones that resonate with you?

Isaac and Mary getting to know each other.  Manhattan via Google Images
Joe and Kathleen falling for each other.  You’ve Got Mail
Perfect weather for a walk and a strawberry shake.  Carrie and Berger  SATC
The streets of Paris in 2004
Jesse and Celine did it best. Where it all started-  Vienna 1995


  1. I completely agree… I love the walking date, and I think it's totally underrated!

    A wine picnic date is pretty great too! 🙂

  2. This is so true! Even now I love walking with my husband. While some of the walks end in fights, some of them end up with our best conversations. And usually all of them include deeper thoughts and feelings. I used to love having running dates with boys. It was one of my things. 🙂

  3. You know, I don't think in my entire life I have had an actual picnic date! Picnics with friends, with crushes present, but a just-you-and-me picnic date outdoors and not on the floor of my parents' den…. yeah, not yet… sooo romantic!

  4. Nice! I, too, have vivid memories of screaming at my husband, “This is NOT romantic!” from across the street heading to Sainte Chapelle during our honeymoon. He basically left me in the dust, video camera in hand our first two days in Paris…. hmph…

    Now that D is starting to walk you can look forward to teaching him how to lace up his sneakers and go “a-courting” as a young man– old school mommy style 😉

  5. My favorite walk date movie is Roman Holiday! Exploring a gorgeous city with a dashing Gregory Peck (uh, yeah!) with only the pictures to keep as a memory of the perfect day where they fell in love.

  6. I love the walking date, like love the walking date. The first date I had with my husband we walked around the city stopping by the river to have a chat. I love those movies as well. As far as dates go, a movie date is terrible, it's impossible to get to know a person.

  7. I love Roman Holiday too! My mom introduced that movie to us when we were children and I love it to this day. How could I have forgotten? Gregory Peck… swoon!

  8. That's a really romantic first date! I love that! Do you get to retrace those first date steps together once in a while?

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